How to Make Wood Pellets On Your Own

Buying wood pellet equipment may not be all that necessary, depending on the number of pellets you want. But to know this, you need an understanding of the pellet-making process. This article discusses the steps for making pellets below;

Get all materials set

The first step to making wood pellets is getting the raw materials needed for the process. Most of the time, the raw materials used are either sawdust or logs of wood. The amount of raw materials you will need depends on the number of pellets you want to build. You can also get scrap wood from traders globally and use it for the process. If you have plans to use scrap wood for the pellet-making process, you need to have placed the order for the pellet a while before that. The demand for scrap wood is increasing daily because of the possibility of making these pellets independently. That way, you can prepare ahead and plan for the process.

Cut wood into smaller sizes

This step is necessary if you got scrap wood for the process of making the pellets. You need to ensure that the woods are in suitable sizes. For this process, you will need a wood chipper. You are looking to get a size of around 0.98 inches, so you need to set up your chipper. After setting the chipper up to the required size, you can now feed the device with the wood. Ensure you have a receiving container for the chipped wood. For sawdust users, you do not need this step.

Use a hammer mill to reduce the size

To get a wood pellet out, you need a finer level, so you will still need the hammer mill to reduce the size further. With the hammer mill, you are looking at getting to 0.20 inches. The exact process you used for the wood chipper is what you will apply here. You need to set the measurement you want.

Dry wood properly

There is a necessity to have dry wood when you are working on getting a wood pellet. You need to dry it thoroughly before the process. Before starting the drying, you should sieve out the raw materials because there will be some dirt within the mix. As much as possible, dry in an environment with not much air. If the wind is too much, it may blow the wood away.

Oil wood to keep sticky

After getting the wood dry, all that remains is to add oil to the wood and use a pellet machine to make pellets. If you need only small batches, you can use a small pellet press. Remember to remove deformed Pellets and store the good pellets in a cool environment.


The process of making wood pellets by yourself can be a daunting one, especially if you do not have the right strategies to follow. The steps above show you how to make the wood pellets properly. As expected, you will need some tools and items to make the process very easy. Moreso, you need to secure yourself against some injuries while you work on the process.